Adding a repo to my present build

After reading a msg on how to get the MD(magic dragon) apk. In the msg it stated installing the narcacist repo. My question, in order to add this repo, do I have to reinstall the 19.3 fork and then install the narcacist repo? I am very satisfied with my present build but, do miss the features the MD offered.

Narcissist wizard repo is already in diggz xenon build if that’s what you’re referring to.

TY for encouraging me to install the magic dragon to my build. I was just unsure as to what would happen. I have played around with the builds as of late. Now, I am very satisfied with the way it(xenon diggz 7.2) is operating. And, with the updated version of MD it all seems complete. Retirement doesn’t seem like it can get better? Well, there’s always a BIG hit from the lottery. Thank you again for your help. I will be sure and pass this on to others when it is needed.