Add storage drive to Fire Tv

Can anyone tell how to add a storage drive to Fire Tv

It’s easy to add storage to any fire device however, it’s what you think you want to do with it is the issue, If you go and buy a usb hub and otg cable you can add storage This is the hub I use $7.99 on amazon

and this is the otg cable i use $4.99 on amazon

Now the big issue is getting the Fire Device to use it:
If you just want to put videos on a usb to watch on your Fire device using VLC, piece of cake.
I you think you can use this to install programs on that the fire device and have the device use it, well not so good.
If you want to use th external storage with your IPTV service to record to then it will work only if you can change the location of the path to store the recordings on. I use the actual Smarters app and point the url to my IPTV service, then set the path so far it has worked with every IPTV service that will give me the url.
Sorry for the long answer for a simple question.


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I wants to record tv programs on a 128g portable hard drive to watch later

I Can only talk to recording with an IPTV service. Most IPTV service provide there own apk but if you look it is a mod of the Smarters apk that they use, if you look the only inform you need to add to. there apk is your userid and password. They hard code the url of the feed into the app as well as the recording path. On the generic smarters apk you need to also add the url which you can get from most IPTV Service providers. Then when you go to record you can add the path to your external usb device with the browse option.

I have Sportz Tv IPTV should I change back to Smarter Tv app,and then can I receive installation instructions

You can leave your sportz iptv apk installed. you can download the smarters apk using troy-point rapid installer. You need to also open a ticket to Sportz iptv asking for the url once you have that install the smarters app and just add in the name the userid the password and the url.
I went to the troypoint site and it looks like sportztv iptv is really using the modified smarters app so your learning curve in using the app should be 0.
If you only plan on using 1 usb port then you can get away with just the otg cable. I took my usb hub off and just had the otg cable and one 64gb flash drive. and it recorded fine. The usb flash drive shows up as USBOTG When you browse to it.


Following… trying to learn all this recording stuff myself also. Lol. So. I use area 51, or Streams4Us iptv, so, Do I email them for the url??