Add-ons for Kodi 19.3 Matrix

I have been installing various add-ons trying to find one that works for me. I had installed a few which I discovered were not compatible for Kodi 19.3 Matrix. I just tried Black Lightning and Navy Seal. However, when I click on a show’s episode, I get a message to go to the website. I don’t want to pay this. Can someone suggest an addon for my version of Kodi that will work similar to The Oath?


Hi Sandy. Here a list from TP manual for the best kodi add-ons 2022 you can try, but to get the most out of it is the best way to use RD.
Best Kodi Add-ons 2022

Also another link from TP manual how to setup and use Real Debrid
How to Setup and use Real Debrid

Pls. Note that it’s advisable to use VPN to masker you’re IP address, and some add-ons don’t work only with VPN.

Real debrid is like $3 per month. Well worth it. For free links try Scrubs2. Find it on Troypoint addon list.

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I would probably stump up the $3 a month for Real Debrid. Pretty soon, free streams are going to be few and far between - I’m seeing that already.

Hi @sandyp
Free streams are getting harder to find. Like others here, RD is the way to go.


Hi Sandy, I feel your pain! If it’s TV shows you’re wanting to watch, I didn’t find any shows that worked without RD. Some movies worked, if I went to the people watching section.
For $3 a month, RD will amaze you. With it you’ll see 100’s of links for your show.

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