Add newer firestick to fireTV

I have a about a 3 year old Toshiba FireTV. I’m ready for something newer/faster/better. Would it be dumb to just get a new firestick to plug into it. Or would that even work?

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Is there ANYYYONEEEE that can answer/help me?



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Patience. Someone will get to you.

You can add a new firestick. If that’s what you want.

You should be able to plug in a new firestick to your TV. The firestick is what has the hardware in it.

Very much appreciated, sir/ma’am.

Imho it absolutely would not be dumb. Personally I would make sure to do network speed tests. Make sure you have an account and a VPN. Also know what it is you want to do and fully understand the limitations of the stick. Although the 4K stick is my personal favourite and has never let me down there are others here who are clearly pro nvidia shield for example. I personally think it’s the perfect tool to cut your cord cutting teeth on, and then once you know a bit about what you’re doing you can move on to a more powerful device. Oh I almost forgot, I highly recommend getting a real debrid account. Anything else? Just ask.

Thank you, Miki. Would I have to make a new Amazon acct do you think or will it let me use my same on 2 different firestick devices?

You use the same Amazon acct. I have 2 FireTV Cubes and a Toshiba FireTV and they all work fine under my single Amazon acct

You can register multiple sticks on your account.

Much appreciated guys

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