Add "Last Reviewed Date" to each Troypoint app review

Why not associate a Last Reviewed Date with each app review, whenever/wherever a review is displayed? The “Best Of” lists do show “as of” dates, but clearly some of the included reviews are not current, e.g., Cinema HD is on a mid-May list. In other cases, apps are classified as “new” long after they are released, and maybe not even usable, e.g., Strix.

Note: I posted a similar comment within another Topic that was closed pretty quickly, but thought this deserved a posting of its own.


Troypoint does not develop the apps or APK’S. Troypoint only writes a review and creates and manuals, and videos about them.

To add changes to the Manuals or reviews e.g. dates of modified, last viewed or else, those are for the website admin/developers/writers.

To answer your question. I think this should be answered by Troypoint or moderator @TP-Dracoo

But If you have any other questions about the apps or APK’S e.g. Set-up, installation or other instructions like subtitles, adding external player we can help you with that.


At the very top of the page you can see the date and when it was last reviewed or edited.

Alot of apps still work for people which is why guides stay active. You can always pm a admin on something if you spot a new app or if one is down. Strix works but its mostly porn.


As @TP-Dracoo indicates, if you go into the actual review for the app you will see when it was last updated where it displays the post date.

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