ADB command sm list-disks not returning disk number

I’m following along with the Supercharge instructions for a brand new Walmart Onn device. I’m up to the point where you type in the first ADB command (sm list-disks). Nothing is being returned. Can I continue without it? Why doesn’t it return anything? Can I fix this?
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@sholly1 Hi

No you have to complete all commands with results.

Pls. Read this and complete all settings.

TP mentioned in the beginning that it is very important to check for updates, updates are important and it will update the remote control because many users have issues with their remote and being disconnected constantly from the remote due to the lack of updates.
But I assume you dun that already.

Check the command shell for typos eg mis typed letter, number ., , or space it could also be when copying and pasting atekst.

To do that go back with your remote and retype the command’s.

If this doesn’t solve the problem consider checking the USB.

Those two steps are very important.

  1. Format USB drive to Fat32. Follow TP link
    How to format USB drive to Fat32
  2. Don’t plugin the USB drive from the beginning.

Then follow those settings again from the begining.

Settings Click on build 7 times this will allow you to enter the developer options> go back to enter the developer options> USB Debugging on this will allow you to use third party launcher> point 5 windows animation/transition animation scale, and animator duration scale to speed up the transition interface, those settings could be changed according to TP video> The last Change you must make is down below Force allow apps on external must be on, this will allow you to expand internal storage on USB drive this is also very important.

Further in TP video will show you to use downloader.

After the above steps download the apps
Remote ADB shell
Launcher Manager for Android TV
Wolf launcher
Fast task killer

Expand external storage with the USB drive

From home screen
Settings> Device preferences> Storage> Internal storages to see how much internal storage you have, before doing anything else
" Now you can insert the USB to OTG "
make sure you have formatted the USB drive to Fat32 because you can’t do that from system settings"

When inserting the USB message will pop-up on the top right of the screen
Unsupported … Device

Open Remote ADB shell app from Sideload Launcher click ok you can type in the IP address of your device but the local IP address is preferred as shown below.
Keep the Port as it is.
Click ok ok again> in the pop-up message Allow USB debugging select allowed, this will always be allowed from this computer.

Then enter the following command.

sm list-disks

hit the enter button, in the next screen on the top left will show the disk name is in this case 8,0 this will be needed for later command.

Then enter the following commands.

After hitting the enter button from each command, you must wait till it shows the return results in the top left of the screen. If not go back and repeat the comand.

sm has-adobtable true
sm set-force-adobtable on
sm partition disk:8,0 public
sm partition disk:8,0 private
sm list-volumes

After the last command you will see
private 8,2 unmountable.

If you don’t see private 8,2 you have to repeat the two partitions commands public and private. In this case you should go back three times with your remote.

In this case why you should update from the beginning. If everything goes well enter the following command.

sm format private:8,2

Hit enter this will take little longer depends on the size of the USB drive, and because it will take the 8,2 unmountable. After that your device will start to reboot.

After completing the above settings you can complete watching the video for further settings.

Had the same problem…use a different usb

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