Account needs attention!

H’i Folk’s,
I have a MECOOL KM6 Android stb, use Tivimate, and subscribe to about 4 different providers, (All up to date) and wondered if anyone knows what: “Account needs attention” means, because for some reason I can’t get some of them to work. the dreaded circle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried them on Smarters to see if it works on that?

H’i AMD237,
I haven’t tried them on smarters as I don’t like them. It’s strange, I’ve never had any problem before, and nothing’s changed. I just switched on the other day, and this came up on the home page of my MECOOL stb: “Account needs attention” It’s never come up before, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but then when I went into tivimate none of the channel’s work, just that dreaded circle spinning round and round. I also have a fire stick, and all the same stuff is on there, and everything works perfectly. So, I know my providers are ok.

is this a tivimate popup?

I just meant to test it in Smarters for diagnostic purposes. I dont like Smarters either lol.

Hey @Davexxx Are you saying ALL 4 of your iptv provider playlists DO NOT work in the Tivimate on your KM6 (or just 1 or 2 of them) but all work fine on your firestick?

Sounds like an issue with the km 6 or Android

sounds to me like a tivimate subscription issue. Check the companion app and make sure the box is listed.

Still a question for me…his 1st post said “I can’t get some of them to work”…but his next post kind of implies none of the playlists work…so…kind of important to know exactly what is or isn’t working. :thinking:

Yeah you’re supposed he’s got too many devices on his account?

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He’s only mentioned 2…& you get 5…so…? And his firestick Tivi is working just fine…

its always possible the km6 got dropped as a client. Never has happened to me but I did once delete the wrong km2(Ihave 2)…needed an extra slot and kicked off the wrong one :roll_eyes:

Question: as this notice is showing up on his Mecool “home page”…is Tivimate capable of issuing notices before the app is even opened? And…do any of his other streaming apps work ie: Cinema or TeaTV or Stremio et al…I don’t have enough info to know what to focus on specifically. :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

I dont have my km6 hooked up right now, but is there a server app within settings? I know on my ugoos it has an in-built server for updates. If thats the case a force close might fix it. ??

Updates on a KM6…? :rofl: But seriously, I have mine open & you click on update in device prefs/about…I just did & as usual, no update. There is also an OTA Update app that is part of the system & can’t be uninstalled…the blue 2 curvy arrows app.

I will hook mine up later today and check. Often an update server app will run in the background, usually I disable them if found.

Pretty sure there isn’t one on the KM6…seriously doubt any updates are forthcoming anytime soon, after 2 yrs of nothing (which is fine with me…leave well enough alone, as we’ve seen with other boxes). I just wonder if the Mecool O/S generated that warning or his Tivimate app did…or even can? If Tivimate…why not on the firestick then? If it came from Mecool…then does anything else not work, other than iptv services in Tivimate?

Yeah, be thankful you don’t own a BuzzTV x5 where they are update crazy but the last 2 out of 3 buggered up their native player. I’m waiting on a patch to fix the recording issue. Before latest update, i was able to record but couldn’t leave the channel i was recording or else the recording would stop. Now, after installing latest update, i can’t record anything! At least Timeshifting works OK (at least till another update screws that up too!)

Sorry I’ve been so long answering TXRon , only I was called out, family emergency I’m afraid.
I don’t think it is a tivimate pop up, as it appears sometimes before I’ve even clicked on tivimate! it’s in MECOOL home page.

Could just be a generic Google account popup. They may want you to improve or modify your security settings. That’s when I get a similiar popup like that.