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Hi all I’m new here, love this, I’m a New Zealander living and working in the UK but I miss my beloved rugby… Canterbury Crusaders from Christchurch and of course my All Blacks, does anyone know of an access to NZ Sky who have the monopoly on rugby coverage in New Zealand. many thanks. P.

Using a VPN and connecting to a NZ server should give you access to the Sky Sports feeds. I’ve never tried to source them but many IPTV services have Sky Sport. I’m just not sure about NZ. How would you normally access Sky Sports at home?

I think there is a NZ Sky Go addon in the Sly. Guy Repo:

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Good idea mr Pro, but you have to have a paid sub for it to work. I was hoping they would get back to me so I can do some research.

Pretty sure an App like Football_Plus+2 would be worth a try also. It has 80+ sports channels from around the globe. When trying it, almost 90% of them are working and many are HD or better. :+1:


Thanks. I’ve some relatives asking about it to. I will give it try and let you know.:+1:

I’d recommend anyone trying the Football_Plus +2 App. It has a great selection of channels, not just Sport. Navigation is a bit tricky at times and you need to switch between Mouse Toggle and the remote to get around. Once you find channels, add them to Favs and you are go to go.
Not naming any broadcasters, but there are Premium sports, Movie channels galore in there :sunglasses:


Will do that, all explained in the link thanks :+1:

Using. FS Max I searched for football_plus+2 using a browser. I could find only football_plus from apkpure which I downloaded and installed. On activating it gave a screen inviting me to get a new version. On invoking this I was advised that the file was no longer available having been taken down due to a DMCA copyright action.
Looks like this has bitten the dust.

From my research some of the free sports sites that Troy refers to will have your beloved teams games. When I have time I will research each one for you. If I find one, I’ll give you the details and as some of these sites have a few hoops you have to jump through to activate the stream, once I find a source for you I’ll walk you through the process. I also cannot emphasize enough, always use a VPN in this hobby.

I downloaded, via unlinked Mega Library, the APKTime app…the new version is there, working exceptionally well for me.


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Thanks, Kingpro. I downloaded apktime and then the footy app as you indicated and it works fine. From the look of it I think it is one of the best sports apps around, plus a whole load of non sports channels. Everything I tried worked!
It is great to enquire on this site and find someone more knowledgeable than me (a fairly low bar) who can come up with answers to problems. Thanks once again

You are welcome. Enjoy streaming :+1:



Installed the file from the Apk and run it, it shows to many excellent channels eg. Sport, entertainment, news almost all categories with good stream without any buffering.

Thanks for the excellent choice, this is recommended app. :grin::+1:

Hey guys I went looking for this app on one of my fave site sources and ended up with an ad free Football_plus+2 . I have no idea how this differs from your app but wonder if you saw this version. It has all the teams, including New Zealand and all the live stuff. Did a search and like your app they all play flawlessly. Nice app tx.

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This is the same one I installed it first. Then I downloaded the one from APK I installed it it says that I have to uninstall the older version first.

Which occurs to me that the both were the same. The one you typed it is the same one.

The one from kingpro updated march 22.

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The Football_plus+2 V1 is the latest one and replaces the Football Plus+


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