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Hi I have been using IPTV Hero, which comes at a good cost $5 for a trial day and then have different packages, no problem with streaming content at all.

5.00 for a 24 hour trial?

Ok IPTV people, I had JCMedia and its now defunk, I’m looking for the best alternative to use.
No bitcoin or paypal only debit card i can use. which is the best?

@nicko I’m a huge https://tvtube1.com fan. Very reliable and great customer service. Over 20,000 channels available. Locals, Sports, PPV, VOD. I’m not a reseller nor do I make anything by suggesting it. From all I’ve tried, this is true and proven and I’ll stick with them. Plus if you’re a Sports Fan, a daily channel guide is put out for games & PPV through Telegram

Thank i’ll check it out :slight_smile:

I only lost two weeks when Secret Service (JC Media) shut down. It wasn’t perfect but it worked ok. I’m now using ICUTCORD | The Ultimate Cable TV Alternative with a new FORMULER Z10 Pro Max. I love this setup!! It’s outstanding with no or very little buffering. I’m using a cat-8 cable on a 400 Mbps cable ISP with my setup. - Frank

Dozenz XII offers a 36 hr trial. They have a friendly chat group for issues and advice. They operate a 2nd Telegram for listings and notifications. If you are into the sports they put out a very comprehensive list of what’s on.

Portal Home - Dozenz XII

Dozenz Schedules etc.
Daily Schedules and New Releases

@nicko Did you give it a try?

I use IPTV for viewing many programs but, I’m getting a message that states: “Play Back Error; Restart in 3 second”. This happen very frequent when watching a program. Is there a fix for this issue?

I have found that it’s either a feed issue but 99% of the time it’s my VPN server. I change servers and it’s good

thanks for the info.

In my experience it is connectivity issue and when it comes up the feed is having issues

Yes i gave it a try finally. i wasn’t able to get to settings and there wasn’t any subtitles for any of the VOD movies. It may well be during the free trial things weren’t working I think but I appreciate the suggestion.
I am looking at Platinum TV which is based in California. Thanks again!