A95x f4 guys I need your help

last month I bought this device@1st jail broke. aft numerous attempts incl factory resets dnloaded downloader. numerous tries finally got browser plugin. dnloaded apps everything was looking good views movies!!! :slight_smile: then the following day not even YouTube loaded. :frowning: is it me or the a95x f4 is defected… any suggestions


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Make sure your device isn’t overloaded. Make sure all your ram isn’t being used up.

Clear some apps restart device.

dracoo thx thus far I have made various resets factory reset and deleted varios apps. as the other suggestions you mentioned a95x f4 I have only had it a little over month. how can i know the device is worth keeping. the seller emailed me various times would pay half for repair cost and when continued to request refund., seller said for me to keep device cause the shipping is too expensive and they would give me about 8.00 dollars usa… paypal contacted them and we will see as far as refund… thx tony

Sup tq…

Yeah you need to bail on that deal… unless u need somethin bigger, i think 4k stix are 28 bucks on scamazon

thz once i get my refund i am looking
into buying a nvidia shield pro… I was looking @ my options to keep the a95 or not… currently I have a t95x gody ultra
hd… but I thought that the a95x f4 I was moving on up… looks like i was wrong
appreciate your advise

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Well it’s probably a China box with hardware issues.

I have one at home that I mainly use for my son’s add free YouTube.

It overheats and shuts down and freezes. Lol.

You don’t need to spend a whole lot to get something good. (Unless 4k streaming)

You can spend 30-100 and get something good. But if you are willing to pay yes get the pro.

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guys do you have other suggestions
instead of the nvidia shield pro that might be more affordable. since streaming is kinda new to me. and when I was a kid we thought than the
transistor radio was the hight of technology… thz appreciate you
troy, I thank you so much for making this possible… first chance I get I will send you a donation to help your great work… :relaxed:

Try looking researching this device - Beelink King Pro


Walmarts onn box
Beelink gt king pro
Formuler z8-z10
Buzz box
T96 max plus
Mekool box

appreciate you so much… by the way are you guys familiar with the t95x gody ultra hd 4k I have this box now.
since I was having problems with I opted to buy the a95x f4 my bad :frowning:
I will be looking into the android boxes you
suggested. [good looking out]

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