4x Firesticks on one internet connection

Hello, I have a unique situation. I am a Captain on a privately owned Yacht and we are travelling extensively and have already lost the Directv coverage. We are able to connect via wi-fi to most of the marinas we go to (most of them are 2.4GHz), this also means a different IP address at every stop. I discussed what I have set up at my house using a broken Firestick and IPVanish, and he showed interested in getting 4 of them for the boat (the 4 bedroom’s).
I am assuming that I would have to load IPVanish on to each of them (I don’t think the router has the capability of having it loaded on to it)?
Would the internet connection to the boat be able to handle this, 4 being used at the same time?

There are a few big issues in you have to contend with in the quest to firestick utopia.
Fist and foremost, bandwidth via wifi in a marina is not very strong. (at least with my experience) Therefore, your speed will very from port to port. You must make sure you optimize each firestick app. Not sure what you intend to use but . Also, does your boat have an internal network? Distribution from it via wifi? Or wifi from marina access point?

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Sounds like you need StarLink.


I use 5 fire sticks in my house using Wi-Fi extenders on the same router they all work great

All 5 playing at the same time? Nice to have those sorts of speed.

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