4K upscaling across multiple devices

Thinking about replacing our TV which led me to think about 4K upscaling. I have an Yamaha AVR that has 4K upscaling, a Nvidia Shield Pro that has 4K upscaling, and the new Samsung TV that also has 4K upscaling. What device(s) do l use to get the best possible picture for 4K upscaling, all of them, 1 of them?

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4k upscaling is only present when trying to play 720 or 1080p content and upscale to a 4k tv. If you already have a 4k tv then you are good to go.

If your Samsung is a 4k tv then you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

Would it be best to turn off the 4K upscaling in the other 2 devices?

No, keep it on. 4k upscale only works on content that isnt 4k.

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