4k stops and starts

Hi everyone We have kodi 19.2 with xenon v6.6 .we have fast fibre 600mps but with the vpn drops to between 100 and 160 it varies, but should be more than fast enough for good 4k ,we have nvidia shield so 3gb ram and we have real debrid ,but when we watch 4k it starts great but then starts to stop and start drives me mad so I go to a 1080p is there anything I can do

There’s probably a hundred posts already on here about this topic. Search around.

Even with 100Mbps you should be fine to stream a 4K movie. However, the server on the other end where you are pulling the file has to be fast enough. And it also depends if you are using a cached torrent or not. I did a video on using real debrid cached torrents only with the crew add-on in Kodi. You can search on here for “Speed Up Kodi” and find it.


This sounds like a modem issue. You may need to look into accessing the admin features in the modem and check the setup. I checked a nvidia shield blog and found that others had to turn off “access control” in the modem to improve transfer speeds to the shield which improved 4k playback.

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