4K on Seven and Team-Crew

I use either a Firstick Max, or now more regularly a Ugoo AM7.
When selecting a feed and the option is 4K as we know Seren now selects the best source we can choose our own preference on Team-Crew but they keep showing in pink.
So because I cannot change the selection on Seren I use Team-Crew then select 1080p then it works.
Just as a side note on Team-Crew for the most part the links are in Mauve, but there are some in red I tried one of them and it played in 4K.


Take off auto select and let seren populate a rd list and manually select your link 4k will show.

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Thanks bruv didn’t realise I could.
In the meantime any idea why 4K is displayed wrongly?

I was wrong I thought I would find Auto select easily.
Where the the option please.

Good question, i forgot where it was, i believe its in your playback settings for how it finds rd links. I will look when i get home. Sorry about that. Been using otjer things than kodi lately havent been in settings.

:star_struck:thanks bud.
I’ve been hunting til I’ve gone giddy, just cannot find it :crazy_face:


Section 4.2


Thank you Sir
I only needed the source playback part.
But a well done setup tutorial.
Best Regards: Willie75

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