4k max fire stick

I was wondering if any way to split storage on a usb drive when you expand storage like 50 50 . I use the otg cable with usb drive it only stores apps is their any way to split it ? It’s driving me crazy… just wondering thank you

Miki, was wondering what your take on The Fire Cube vs 4K Max? I know your a Max guy, was wondering if the extra money was worth getting the six core and 16 gb Cube? or something else? I use old gen sticks and make 'm work. But lot’s of options out there.

Yes I like my 4K Max and with a cheap OTG cable and a 16GB Sandisk 3.0 usb drive I have all the storage I need for running and testing apps. I never record anything. I don’t game. I use it strictly for IPTV, movies and series. Right now you can get the max at home depot for $40 U. S. or the ONN at Walmart for $20. So I’d say it all depends on what your goals are in this hobby and what you want to do.

Yes, I do pretty much the same as you. Love horsepower but efficient and clean is also a good combo. So, when I had Max questions, I knew you’ve done a lot with them. Appreciate all of your hard work as well as the rest of the Insiders. Maybe some day luck will drop one of those cool giveaways on me ! have a great day!


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