4k max external storage

I just installed a flash on my 4k max. I moved some apps over and for some reason its still being saved to internal storage even though it shows the flash drive next to the moved app. I completely removed the drive and then reformatted it and still same issue. Any ideas?

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There is also 2 pinned topics regarding this.

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ya, I’m having a similar problem, when I move apps over to external, will not let me use the app I will get an app unusable message or unavailable, was so excited about having permission to actually use external ,so I spent so many hours configuring my 4k max ,you know making it my own , only to have a update just wipe out everything ,not all apps where side loaded or 3rd party no K-app or IP VAN, app ,even apps I had gotten from the app store vanished before my eyes , I still cannot use X- plore ,the one from the actual store had to side load one , I really hope Thay are working out the bugs ,cues this stick is going back or in a dour for a while, granted it is fast ,it is smooth it is responsive if I have to keep fighting with it ,it will not be worth the hassle , just my thoughts … thx, guys DC.

Very odd. I have no issues with my Max but I don’t ever need extra storage as I just use it for testing apps and streaming and keep 2GB free. With that article I posted they boast it’s easy but I don’t have time for a full test with all the free IPTV I’m focusing on.

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I looked through the pinned threads and couldn’t find anything that answers my question.

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I can get the USB to show up, but when I go to XPlore and move Apps, it doesn’t show up under storage. It shows up one time, then may not the next, and it may not show the USB or it might.


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