4K Max discovery

So every now and then we all get a bit of buffering, some more than others. Tonight using Stremio I had the worst buffering I’ve had in a very long time. This was using Real Debrid sources as well. So I pride myself in keeping my Max optimized and in being able to never have buffering. So I went in search of why. I did all the usual stuff, cleared cache, restarted the app, switched servers, and on and on, all with no luck. I tried 6 different RD sources, still no change. Frustration set in, but I kept thinking of why I was having this issue and what other tools I had at my disposal. Low and behold, I fixed it. I used Fast Task Killer that I had installed after one of Troy’s tutorials, and ran it twice in a row. I went back into Stremio and started up the series I had been watching using the Real Debrid source, and voila, no buffering what so ever. So if you experience the same thing install Fast Task Killer and run it. I now consider this app a must have tool in the buffering arsenal.
Have fun and Stream On.


So baisc maintenance if its not the obvious issues. I mean at this point it should be common knowledge to maintain your firestick as it has low resources.

It has alot going on in such a small unit. Fast track killer has been very important in any android device. Most of those apps essentially do the same thing. The biggest issue i have found with the stick is the more apps you put on including ones that always use data in the background the more this eats away at your ram. Cleaning your cache and cleaning any ram is a must as that will add up and resulting in to issues including wifi and bandwidth issues. If anyone has a firestick id strongly advise a minimum approach, meaning less apps, use the best real debrid intergrated app and tivimate dont over load your stick or maintenance will be a on going endeavor.

I totally agree. But this is the very first time I’ve ever had issues and actually have never needed Fast Task Killer, or so I thought. I added a USB storage so my Max always has +2.8 GB free. So now I’m always going to run FTK before an evening of streaming with my wife. May help others as well.
Have Fun and STREAM ON.

This was all very educational. @Miki, has FTK replaced DefSquid for you? Is FTK sufficient? I always wondered about why everyone kept insisting on clearing caches, unplugging the firestick, router and so on. I didn’t understand the rational until now. Your experience with Stremio was a hands on demonstration of how regular maintenance can help reduce and/or eliminate buffering.


I run FTK every night when I’m done. Usually keeps my Max at 2.3 gb free or more. Yes indeed less is better with fire sticks! Thank you guys for keeping us up to date.


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