4K firestick with USB setup

I copied the video of the setup, got the OTG cable and plug together followed the video but when I got the find your IP address, I have zero info on the page, I also have no internet connection at all. It wants to go to Wifi!

The video gives no info if he is using Cat or wifi. So, where am I?

You have to be on wireless or have internet via Ethernet cable

Ive connected my usb and added programs. Works great but sometimes for no reason it disconnects itself and i get a notice my usb isn’t connected. Sfter numerous reconnects it works but then a day later it disconnects again. Why and how do i correct this.

Is this an older 4K? They are notorious for having problems with external memory. With new updates the 4K Max does not have those problems.

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No this is the new max 4k

I have absolutely no problem with mine. As mentioned, it’s a Sandisk 3.0 I followed the instructions from ATV for setup, but it really was as simple as plug it in, follow on screen prompts, set it up for apps, no recording. I would recommend trying a second cable and do your best to keep the stick as cool as you can, even use a fan if you have to. I also shut all power off to my TV, sound bar, and 4K Max, every night.

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I have the old 4K and it works fine. I just followed Troy’s video. The old 4K runs OS6.

Glad it works for you.