4K firestick / Amazon Recast

I have ethernet cable connected to the firestick. I have an OTA Amazon recast that I would like to also connect ethernet cable. Does anyone know a correct way of doing this?

The most correct way of doing it is have both devices near your router and plug each of them directly into the router (2 cables). Any other method is a little more complex and will have pros and cons.


Not sure if I was clear===stick & recast both wired to router, trying to transfer recorded material and live tv from the recast to the firestick via ethernet for viewing / wifi not cutting it

I see. So the recast isn’t a media player, just a DVR.

If you have both devices connected via ethernet cables have you gone into the device settings and turned off wifi? The transfer should happen through ethernet by default if neither are connected to wifi.

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it’s an over the air tv receiver and recorder. The recast has incoming from the router but sends the material wifi. It does have a ethernet capability to send but I already have ethernet to the stick for IPTV. My question is how do I hook another ethernet cable to the stick with out screwing up the current ethernet material from router, I would ask Amazon Firestick techs. but you have a better than 50% chance that they will not be of any assistance, they will screw something else up

Check out the article below. It looks like Amazon sets up the devices to use Wi-Fi direct instead of going through the router. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to pair the devices over ethernet if both are connected to the same router. If you want to try to get it to work via ethernet I would unpair the devices, disconnect your ethernet cables, disable Wi-Fi on the firestick (or just forget the network), disable Wi-Fi on the recast if you have that option, then plug both devices back into the ethernet cables, attempt to pair the devices again. Then I would follow the instructions in the article below.

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Thanks for your input

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Come back and let us know if it works.

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