4K (2160p) Movie Compression question

Hopefully someone in here can effectively answer this question for me, thanks in advance for taking the time to read and offer advice. I like to occasionally buy 4K movies, rip them, and add them to my plex media server. Naturally, the initial file size is far larger than I want on my server so I compress them via handbrake. However, the only option I have ever seen is the ability to compress it to a 1080p resolution, which as I understand it, is less than the 2160p that the original 4K file is. Once the movie is on the PMS, I can view the details and verify that the file is in fact 1080p. Not mentioning any names but I have seen files for the same exact movie listed as 2160p and when added to PMS and details viewed, it shows that it is 2160p. So the same movie, basically the same size file (roughly 6 to 7 GB for each), but mine was changed to 1080p resolution, while the other’s maintained the 2160p resolution. My guess is they are not using handbrake (not sure) but I would really like to know how to cut the file size but keep the 2160p qualities. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you compress any file in any way you are sacrificing quality in one way or another. If there were a way to make the file smaller and keep the same quality, the Blu-ray would have come that way. If you want original quality then you have to rip just the movie file (none of the extra features) and trim the credits with a different program.

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I shouldn’t say that entirely. Look into H.264 lossless encoding. It just might not make the file sizes as small as you are hoping for.

Thanks for the info!

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