19.2 fresh install and oath. Nothing works

Had a issue the other night, was running kodi 19.2 and oath, wife decided to install Disney+ Netflix Hulu on Amazon app store. Shortly after stopped playing sources on oath and seriously slowed down kodi.
I tried the next day to uninstall all new apps and clear cache and other bloatware from main menu and inside Kodi to no avail. Finally frustrated I completely reset firestick and followed all tutorials and did everything that was suggested here. Now it’s even slower than before, for instance it takes 3-5mins to get search to open on oath and crew then 5-10 minutes to find a actual show, then 10 minutes minimum to get no steam available or on the off chance I get sources it won’t play any of them and says check log which I can’t find. Someone please help before I go “office space” on the device.

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It sounds to me like you had a completely unrelated slowdown on your network speed that just so happened to coincide with when your wife installed those apps, so that’s what you attributed it to. I know it may sound dumb, but have you tied restarting your router and modem? If you’re using DHCP vice having your network devices statically routed (which is the default), sometimes, over time, from having multiple devices connect to and disconnect and reconnect IP addresses go stale or stop flowing traffic at the speeds that they should. Do you have any type of speed test app on your Firestick? If not, I would get one. They’re free and Troy has the available for download on his site via the Downloader app as well as in the Rapid App Installer portion of his Troypoint app itself. It’s always a good idea to have and use those apps as really the first part of troubleshooting buffering or slow connectivity. That way you know if you can attribute a slowdown to an app or hardware, or if it’s network based.

You should know what speed of internet that you pay for and then you can find out, from the test, if you need to start investigating more towards apps and hardware, like you’ve already done, or look into possible network speed connectivity issues.

In my experience, legit streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube or whatever have better latency so they’re less likely to be affected by network slowdowns than things like Kodi or Cinema, or other freeware types of video streaming. For searches or even when using something like Real Debrid.

Not to mention Netflix and YouTube own their servers and server farms. I use to just rent a blade server in a rack and controlled remotely.

Showing 370mbps (I pay for the expensive internet in my area)… finally got frustrated and went and bought a fire tv cube and now I’m waiting for it to finish downloading all Amazon updates. Just realized maybe I should check to see if the device I was complaining about has all new updates, but figured it wouldve done it when I did the hard reset… never had this many issues in the past.

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Well good luck! I hope that the cube solves your problems! At least you’ll have a faster processor, more RAM, and twice the storage. It’s a win all around except for being harder to hide.

Still isn’t working great… Won’t even finish downloading downloader… Next plan of action is I guess real debrid account. Wonder why none of the Amazon devices are working properly.


Try sending apks from phone to device.

Amazon’s stuff is starting to get more complicated there os doesn’t allow certain apps to be installed.

He’ll even google play store phasing out for only Amazon store or approved apps.

Instead of the dowoader side load your apks or send from phone. Download apkpure Downloader send that to cube and use that to install apks.

Remove bloatware and all other nonsense apps you don’t need.

Infact I would be to bold to say if your intention is vod streaming apps with real debrid and iptv I’d avoid custom os like fire. Stick with andriod.

@Dracoo I was trying to use downloader to side load anything. But it’s in the queue and im still waiting for I guess the newest update from Amazon which I’m going on 4.5 hours now even though it’s plugged in with Ethernet cable.

I wish I knew how to send from phone. I would be done by now


Send my files to tv

Put on your phone and device you want to send apks to.

Download to phone open app click send connect to device and it will send. (The apks will be in your downloads) and it will send to storage on your device.

Appreciate the help. Just spent 45 minutes on phone with Amazon customer service and my new firecube was defective so Im getting a replacent in 6 days. Yay no entertainment for 6 days!!!


Also replacing it works… lol.

Hopefully it gets resolved for you.

Well now I’m back at the previous FireTV 3rd gen and I’m getting sources like anywhere from 9 to 36 at a time and oath is resolving but won’t play any source cycles thru all and says oath resolving but nothing happens.

Apps 2 fire
Easy fire tools
From apks to files to apps installed on your phone you can send them to your Firestick with either one of those.

Do you have real debrid? Or just going for free links?

Now that I assume you got it going the no stream available could mean no free links.

Going for the free stuff… Idk how in the matter of 3 days so much has changed to where nothing works. Even having issues with cinema hd.


The free stuff comes and goes and isn’t reliable.

Especially on cinema. I’d recommend getting a real debrid account 2-6 bucks a month ( depending on country) and it has everything. Links to kodi and cinema.

But that’s what doesn’t make sense kodi has been working fine not a single issue since 2014 and now after a refresh it goes to sh*t. Mind you I upgraded to matrix 2months ago and didn’t have any issues till the other day when my wife went rouge.


Sometimes upgrading some apps and installing can error out.

The biggest change to kodi was matrix and 19. It messed up alot of addons and the coding as they upgraded their platform to a different language.

Python 2 to 3, which ment all the addons needed to be upgraded and the process has been super hectic for people because kodi basically had to be ripped out uninstalled and re installed.

My advice would be to remove unneeded apps and start fresh with kodi, then add on oath and crew.

Make sure all the scrapper packages are installed. Links should still come in but the free ones tend to be iffy.

I’ll try again. But after doing this as many times as I have I feel like I should just go to school for coding and programming.lol. does it work any better using the troy point rapid installer? I’ve been doing everything manually thus far.